Different Music For Different Moods

Music is more than just entertainment. It has the power to affect our emotions and our state of mind. Indeed, we often reach out for different music for different moods. Each genre has its own impact on us. There are countless examples of this throughout our daily lives. Science also backs this assertion through numerous research on the subject. The studies tested the outcome when certain types of music are played for people in various situations for a definite period. The results are definitely interesting. They can serve as a guide for those who wish to wield the power of music to suit their own purposes.


For instance, pop music tends to be upbeat which makes it suitable for those who want to be active. This tends to put you in a good mood and get your brain fired up for work. You can listen to this type of songs in the car while heading to work to perk you up if you are still feeling sleepy. You will arrive more energized thanks to the beats. You could also use pop songs to get you going through intense physical activities. Put on your earbuds at the gym while running on the treadmill to prevent boredom and increase your intensity.

Of course, there are also some slower pop songs that you can listen to. Many of these have sentimental messages that are perfect if you are in the mood to reminisce. Put them on during leisurely strolls and other times when you want to slow things down. You can also use tunes from the past for inspiration when you are writing or making any kind of art. It really depends on what you prefer to listen to. The important thing is that you can connect to the message of the songs. They can be cathartic is certain situations.


A lot of studies have been conducted regarding the effects of classical music on listeners. These delve on varied topics such as fetal development, learning, and even commuting. It was found that playing this type of tunes in train stations could effectively reduce crime. The experiment was done in London at 12 locations across the city. Vandalism, robberies and assault cases plummeted over the course of 18 months. Experts theorize that this is due to the calming effect of the melodies. Violent tendencies are curbed. Others say that this music makes the places seem like they are being cared for so criminal elements are wary.

You would have to consider that classical music is actually a massive genre that encompasses diverse styles. Some composers are known for soothing and delicate harmonies that are pleasant to listen to during quiet nights. Others have a loud and aggressive approach that make them suitable for grand dramatic scenes in movies. They could also be light and playful such as the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy. Try to sample as many works as you can from a host of composers across different eras. Find out which ones appeal most to you from Bach to Beethoven to Wagner.

Heavy Metal

This was big in the 80s and still, retains fans from all over the world. It comes with its own subculture that may be attractive to certain individuals. Studies found that listening to this type of music was associated with a strong sense of identity, a passion for community, and a desire to live life without regrets. At least that’s the common denominator of the people who grew up playing metal music in their bedrooms. It’s a good release for angst if you are less than satisfied with the world. For some, they are perfect for keeping awake throughout the night during studies.


Hip-hop music is great for those who like to feel energized. The rhythmic beats have a way of making us dance or at least bob our heads as we listen. This is perfect for a wide range of activities from the mundane to the sublime, depending on the particular song. There are ones that contain rap which is inspirational with a deep message that can truly connect with audiences. These often talk about a life story, especially of those who have learned how to overcome obstacles in life. They have positive images that listeners can visualize with themselves as the protagonist.


This genre is incredibly influential as it allows creativity to be unleashed to another level in every performance. Most jazz musicians delight in improvisation which makes the songs fun to listen to. If you are in the mood for good music that is loose and inventive, then you should try playing songs from jazz artists. If you aren’t familiar with this genre, then just open up streaming services like Spotify and look for their featured artists under this category. You will definitely enjoy yourself with all of the incredible melodies. You will eventually stumble upon favorites that you’ll never tire of hearing.


Sounds from the natural world are also compiled to provide listeners with a relaxing atmosphere wherever they are. If you are trying to calm your mind, then there is nothing better than the sound of gushing water, chirping birds, howling winds, rushing waves, and so on. Nature can heal and bring peace. This type of music can be accompanied by native instruments as well for added texture. It is often used for meditation, yoga, and similar practices. You can use it to get in the mood to sleep.