Learn How To Play The Saxophone Online

The sax is among the most intriguing instruments out there. Fewer people play it compared to guitars, piano, and drums. However, a lot of people are drawn to its unique sound. It has the ability to make a lot of songs sound richer and more interesting. Those who can master it have the satisfaction of being part of a small but highly respected group of musicians. You can start anytime you want as long as you have the passion and the patience for it. Learn how to play the saxophone online or in person. Choose a program by considering the following factors:

Skill Level

Identify your skill level so that you can pick a course that is suitable to your needs. An absolute beginner would need to learn the basic stuff before progressing to more advanced techniques. If you have never played the instrument before, then find an instructor who can provide you with the knowledge that you require at this time. Mastery cannot be achieved overnight. It will take a lot of years of dedicated practice to be good at it but don’t be intimidated. Just take it one lesson at a time from seasoned professionals and you will eventually get to where you want to be.

Available Time

Consider your current schedule. Do you have time to dedicate to the sax lessons? Make sure that you have full control over your calendar so that you can plan ahead. Check out the available programs to see how long they would take per week. Some may call for 30-minute sessions every day for the instructions. This should, of course, be supported by a few hours of separate personal practice to apply the concepts learned. If you are serious about this, then organize everything to ensure consistent attendance and practice. It is the only way to get better.

Allocated Budget

You should also see if your budget can accommodate the cost of the program. If you are going to get one-on-one lessons, then ask about the rate per hour of your instructor. Multiply this by the number of hours you need to see each other per week and the number of weeks that is necessary for the module. It is often much cheaper to get online lessons in which you will be provided with a series of videos by respected musicians. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars, you will only need to shell out a fraction of the usual cost.

Subjects Covered

Programs can be quite different from one another. Just because two things say that they are for beginners doesn’t mean that they actually have the same content. One may simply point the parts of a saxophone and perhaps some rudimentary techniques. It may be over in a few hours. Another may be more comprehensive with additional topics that will serve you well in case you want to improve even further and take on more advanced classes in the future. This may also be the reason why one class is more expensive than another. Always compare apples to apples. Look at the fine print to be sure.

Feedback Received

Get referrals for your lessons from friends and family. Ask them if they have any experience learning about this instrument and who they trained under. Perhaps they can recommend their teacher and set your expectations regarding them. If you are taking online lessons, then be sure to read the reviews left by the people who have taken the course. Check out both the negative and positive reviews. The truth is usually something in between these two extremes. Nothing is ever perfect so it helps to know the possible downsides. You can see if this is acceptable to you or not.


See what the requirements are for each lesson. The basic thing would be having a sax for practice. Ask what kind you should buy and see if that is within your budget. You may also borrow one from a friend or rent from a supplier. Check if there are any books that you would need to get apart from the hand-outs by the instructor. Inquire about music sheets that you can follow. Get everything ready before the lessons start.