Where to Get Beginner Piano Lessons Online

Where to Get Beginner Piano Lessons Online

Where to Get Beginner Piano Lessons Online

Thanks to modern technology and the Internet, getting private lessons, enrolling in a music course, or buying piano workbooks are not the only ways to learn to play the piano. Today, you can enjoy beginner piano lessons online and they’re all free!

Music Reading

Whether you’re learning from a private tutor or a piano exercise workbook, your first lesson will always be about identifying and understanding musical notes and symbols and, later on, reading them to compose music.

There are many online beginner piano lessons that focus on developing the skills needed for sheet music reading. Basic lessons will give you charts to help you identify these symbols and memorize what their respective functions are and how they affect the way a particular piece is played. From there, you can move on to basic exercises that will help hone your reading skills until you’re able to play and read simultaneously.

Play by the Ear

Many experts recommend playing it by the ear. This will develop your ear for music and can even make you better at reading and playing sheet music. Again, the Internet can help you on this one. If you have a particular music you’d like to play on the piano but you have no actual recording of it, you can use the Internet and listen to a sample of it – or the entire piece if it’s available – for free. Afterwards, try reproducing the music and add a bit of harmony and whatever else you feel like it to enhance the song or make it your own.

Playing by the ear is said to improve the fluidity of your music and makes it easier for you to read and play the sheet music because you’re able to somewhat predict what the next notes would be.

Video Tutorials

There are many things about learning to play the piano that you simply can’t master just by reading about them. Sometimes, you have to see them for yourself and that’s when video tutorials come in. YouTube and other video-sharing websites are excellent sources for beginner-friendly piano video tutorials. Through these videos, you’ll be able to see how the most famous pianists perform and learn from them.


There are also many software programs today that offer beginner piano lessons. Once you’ve completed the course, you can move on to the next program and that’s intended for intermediate and advanced levels. Many of these are free to try and only require payment for the full versions.

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Piano Lessons - Eric August 10, 2010 at 8:06 am

Great post!

There are tons of benefits of taking piano lessons online. First off they are free. Secondly, they are self paced. You can take as much time as you want focussing on a specific element.

Playing by ear is one of the least focussed concepts in learning piano from a traditional lessons standpoint. Most piano teachers want you to learn the notes as they are written and focus little on ear training. The combination of reading music and playing by ear makes a good piano player great because of the flexibility in their playing style.

Video Tutorials are great for those who want to learn their favorite songs or piano concept without just seeing on the page. On my site I like to have a combination of written explanation and video explanation to help the learner fully understand the concept. This is also a great way for people to learn their favorite songs but don’t have the time to sit down and pluck it out by ear or the frustration of practicing sheet music.

There will always be place for online piano lessons and music lessons. With time and effort you really can teach yourself an instrument.

Keep up the great work!!


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